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Code of Conduct <--- Impalers Read and Sign this
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Author Topic: Code of Conduct <--- Impalers Read and Sign this  (Read 43708 times)
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« on: May 24, 2006, 11:09:09 AM »

The Impalers Code of Conduct

"Wherever we can keep the high moral ground, we do. That is easy ground to lose and almost impossible to reclaim."
- Torant, The Chaplain

  • Be Kind ~ Sometimes we forget about the person behind the toon. They have a life and concerns just like you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Virtual worlds bring out the best and worst in us. Give the best a chance to shine.

  • Role Play All the Time ~ We are a role playing guild on a role playing server.  Whatever level of RP you practice personally, our minimum expectation is that you don't mess up other player's experience by being out of character in public.  "Public" includes  /say, /yell, /guild, some /tells (start IC and/or use double parentheses if you're talking to someone you don't know), and any user channel designated as "in character" (ask, if you don't know).  It's not as important but try to remain in character in /general, /trade and groups with players you don't know.  Use double parentheses if you need to say something OOC in guild chat but use our ooc channel for general real life babble and discussion of game mechanics.   While you may like to affect a heavy trollish accent in say, you don't have to maintain it in /raid or /party where that might be burdensome, but you should not be talking about a new movie in shared channels unless they are specifically designated as ooc.  Remember that being "in character" can be as simple as avoiding real world references.

  • Help Lower Level Players ~ The tiniest bit of our resources means a huge amount to very low-level players.  Don't encourage beggars or pests but share gear, crafting mats, advice, ...time (the biggest gift of all) with young'uns whenever you can.  Run someone through an instance for loot once in a while. It's surprisingly fun for high-level characters, and a great way to teach instance running techniques and how to use macros etc.  It is big fun and a way to share the knowledge. That said, we're not a twinking guild - we want our lowbies and midbies to group on-level for the most part.

  • Don't Grief ~ Remember that there are real people behind Alliance characters too, don't do stuff that makes the game less fun for them either.  When engaging in offensive (as opposed to defensive) "World PVP"  try to annihilate 'em with honor.  Try to flag up before attacking in neutral and alliance controlled zones (being flagged is not an invitation to be ganked).  Try to spare lowbies, quest givers and flight masters.  Try to let folks who have just returned from the spirit healer regain their resources before re-engaging.  In short, if you're bringing it to them, don't be a jerk.  If they're bringing it to us, make 'em regret it.

  • Defend the Horde ~ Nothing is more demoralizing, than undergoing a siege from higher-level alliance, and having a 50+ horde roll through town and not help. Conversely nothing is more motivating than undergoing the same siege and having the alliance grievers routed by one, concerned, 60-70. Remember the frustrations and exhilarations you experienced in similar situations and allow another generation of horde to have them too. This doesn't mean you have to drop everything and run to the aid of the Crossroads but please do join in defense whenever you can.

  • Respect the guild tag ~ Remember a lot of people wear the same tag as you. Therefore your actions, for good or ill - in-game or on the forums, will affect the perception that other people have of your guild mates. Don't kid yourself either; people definitely judge a guild on the isolated actions of any random member.

  • No Flaming/Flame Wars ~ No matter how right you are, and how wrong they are, you can't win flame wars. Take my word on this. If you are hot about something post it on the Impalers boards so we can support you, but don't post it on the realm forums.

  • No ninja ~ Goes without saying.  Err on the side of being ninjaed rather than being the ninja. Quite frankly any loot you miss out on, we can farm the instance for. It will happen. It will happen to all of us. It should never happen because it was done by one of us.

  • No demeaning emotes ~ Avoid /rude, /spit, and your own special emotes that resemble them. It's just crude. Using it in a joking setting is fine, but if you take down a griefer and /spit at them, chances are that you'll just escalate the unsportsmanlike feud that (s)he is having with you. Be the better (wo)man and fight friendly, even if they aren't with you.

  • Have fun/Smell the roses ~ Contrary to popular belief, this is a game. It is an escape from the world. Another legend? There is no 'endgame'. There is only the game. The only thing that should be causing you to level is your own motivation. You are not leveling for me, or the Impalers. If you were recruited it was because we liked you, not what we hope your toon will be at level 70. You have stress in your life; don't add to it in the game. ^_^

(p.s. FYI... Don't forget to read the other "stickies" in this Recruitment section too. ~Addie)

<edited/revised/updated and stuff - 7/30/07 - see changes here>

Some signatures copied from our original forum start here.

From Torant on Dec 1, 2005
I would like each Impaler to read the Code of Conduct and virtually "sign" it by posting on this thread that they have read and understand the Code of Conduct.


I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.


Please spread the word and have them post on this.


From Beldaraan on Dec 1, 2005

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.


*winks slyly*

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.


From Demiclies on Dec 1, 2005

Just good, old fashion, clean, fun.


From Calaxia on Dec 1, 2005

Dear Minister of Evil,

I have read and understand The Impalers Code of Conduct.

um, where is the naked evil fun?


in absentia Golarum

From Adendra on Dec 1, 2005

/signed   Grin

(I always wanted to do that...)


I've read and understand the Impalers Code of Conduct.

(and my favorite is #10 - at 21 days /played and still at lvl 35... I think I'm specializing in "Rose Smellin'")

~ Adendra & Geva & Eleadendra (& my unguilded alts too)

edit: 21 days! (checked this morning)

From Vashango on Dec 1, 2005

/signed to the extreme!!!!!   

From Meredi on Dec 1, 2005

*Takes out a long elegant feather and shaves the tip of the feather off with her dagger.  Dipping the tip in carefully mixed ink, she writes in a fluid script that shines a sparkling green in the light*

I, Meredi, hereby sign dis code o' conduct, in understandin' n' willin'ess to abide ba' its rules for da sake of ma' famly.

First ta Fight!

Meredi Da Fey-Hahted,
Betrothed ta Torant

From Jadehorn on Dec 2, 2005

Jadehorn fretted, shuffling her hooves. "Um...Ultha?" The owl peeked it's head from under a wing, eyes bloodshot and not happy. They had found more of that damned rum. And the dear totem was still feeling it. Blasted druids and their....grrrr, the owl thought.

" Torant wants me to read something. I neeeeeeed your help. I feel bad letting them problems with the scribbly things."

The owl flutters her feathers, glaring. Jadehorn, you have to learn this. I am tired--- The little pleading eyes won out. Alright. But first help me. My head is banging like a warrior falling down flights of stairs!

Giggling, the tauren prayed to the earthmother, aiding her little feathered friend. Together they sat and spoke of the ways of the Impalers. To treat all in fairness. To uphold their love and protection. To feed them and their pets all the pies and rum they wanted. Jadey wasn't sure, but she could swear that part was totally added in.

But the owl only smiled in the ways owls do.

"Ok! I'll tell em I "read" it! Thanks Ultha! You're the best. I'll go get your pie and rum now."

From Komass on Dec 2, 2005

/signed ...

I feel better now ...

<picks up his pint>

Now I feel much better...

From Sangwin on Dec 2, 2005

I'm really happy to see the guild grow as much as it has lately. I think this code of conduct is one of the reasons.

The code doesn't preach at any one player and make demands. Instead, it reassures us all that we share a mutual respect, and can rely on each other to represent the entire group well.

Hats off to all of you for being great people.

From Blacktooth on Dec 3, 2005

Me has read da code of conduct and understands it.

Me thinks

no no me do understand it now okdokie


From Beest on Dec 10, 2005

/signed it, just like the rest of us  Smiley


From Frosthoof on Dec 11, 2005

With a sideways glare Frosthoof read the scroll, pain twitched from under his mane.

"Yes, yes whatever" and with a clinched fist he signed the scroll...

"Ya ota Frosty?" Came a voice from the corner.

Without looking back the Taruen moved from the hut and vanished into the wilds.

"Me be tinkin sumtin wrong wit him!...sumtin very wong!" remarked the Troll, with fear for her comrade.

Looking down upon the scroll, drops of fresh blood littered where Frosthoof had signed.

"Ohh der..."

From Marios on Dec 11, 2005

I Marios being of sound mind...and unsound body hereby sign this Code of Conduct.

Or is it....ladies Im talking to you

From Drackoria on Dec 12, 2005

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.

- Drackoria

From Fooyo on Dec 12, 2005

I have read and understand the Impalers Code of Conduct.

Fooyo the Troll

PS Part about OOC chat maybe needs some updating now that we have the impalersooc channel :-) (7/15/07 finally fixed ~a)

From Kovorth on Dec 18, 2005

I have read the code and shall follow it to the best of my ability.


From Keedy on Dec 18, 2005

[Keedy begins looking for his pen, fumbling through his bags, and grumbling about how hard these things are to find.]
ah hah!
[he pulls it from behind his ear and sets to the task of writing, quickly checking which direction is left, and which direction is... counter-left. he begins to sign a big x on the line. but fails as the pen is out of ink]
i hate these things. o.O
[keedy glares at the end of the pen, igniting it in a rather impressive fire, and signs with a flamey x on the line, and then wanders away to set random bushes, shrubs, and critters ablaze]

From Torreaux on Dec 20, 2005

- Enter, our young Druid Torreaux, looking dazed and confused (not to mention a bit woosy from one of Adendra's crazy concoctions he was 'obliged' to try) he looks around at the simple, yet elegant meeting hall.

- His eyes grow wide and inhales greatly as he spies the glorious stone carving on the wall before him... the likenesses of the Elder Impalers. He kneels down to catch a quiet moment of peace... he has found his new family, home and great friendship.

- Torreaux was told (many times) by Adendra to come sign the Great Parchment, with the understanding of the ways, and the conduct becoming of an Impaler. That he would know, that he was a part of generations to come, with dignity, honor and courage.

- As he stands, and walks towards the Parchment, he slips, falling flat on his back - quickly getting back up and looks around to make sure no-one has noticed, and laughs... when he senses something in the room with him.

- Without hesitation, he shape-shifts into his agile Cat-Form and spins around towards the source of that which he sensed... with that, a shadowed figure moves in slowly towards our Druid, and the sound of laughter resounds... it was Adendra, as she appears from stealth, with a hearty laugh, "Torreaux, you are such a silly bull... sign the Parchment and we can get out of here before you break something!" she says, through her giggling.

- Torreaux joins in the laughter, as he gives a sly smirk and a glare back at Adendra... our Druid, signs the Great Parchment of the Impalers.

- And with a nod to each other, shifting into their travel-form... our Druids run off to meet the glorious and bright day.

*view pans away from Torreaux and Adendra, and fades out, focusing on the signatures of the Impalers*

- Torreaux

From Ooglie on Dec 20, 2005

Ooglie slowly approached the table that held the document. It was the Oath of Conduct for the Impalers. As he looked at the document and scanned the signatures to see who had been here before him, there was no uneasyness in him. He had read it already and would gladly sign it. The conduct required of him was only that which he had imposed upon himself already. Well, mostly. He hesitated only to relish the moment. He saw there next to his name, where he was to sign, a short inscription: Ooglie "The Greatly Anticipated". He laughed to himself. It was true. But it was HE that had sought membership with great anticipation. He had waved down just about any member of the Impalers he could find to inquire about the status of his application and now he was one of them. He calmly put ink to paper and signed his name. It was done. He was an Impaler!.

The muffled squeel drew his attention. He looked over at Spike at his side and smiled. "Yes Spike, you can sign it too." He gently lifted Spike up, dabbed his hoof in the ink and pressed it on the parchment next to his name.  When he set him down, Spike quickly set to licking the ink off his hoof... smearing it all over his face.

Ooglie turned and looked back down at the document. After a moment, he leaned over and added a small postscript down below his signature.....

He then turned and strode off with an energy he had not had in a long while. He had found a home.

(aww... there used to be a neat image here ~a)

From Morlag on Jan 7, 2006

The new recruit hastens to sign the code...

From Whistor on Jan 12, 2006

I have read and understand and agree with the Impaler Code of Conduct.


From Warlander on Jan 14, 2006

 I have read and understand the Impalers code of conduct.

From Hornady on Jan 15, 2006


From Elyana on Jan 16, 2006


Elyana (and Sissy, she's quite talented yanno) have read and understand the Impalers Code of Conduct and will gladly and willingly abide by its contents. 

(I might have to remind Sissy about the spitting tho' she's not as sweet as she looks...)


((Ely is Adendra's hunter alt and Sissy is a silly-looking Pink Plainstrider))

From Melleen on Jan 17, 2006

I would sssign in blood, but alasss, I am all out.

((And understood also))


From Talgok on Jan 29, 2006

I have read, understood, and fully agree to abide by the Code of Conduct.


From Benveras on Jan 30, 2006

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.


From Gragna on Jan 31, 2006
Me read all the rules, and me will adhere to them.

Me pretty orc.

Gragna aka Grags

sorries me pretty orc not so smart.  Me did not create account before signing so me useded Clunes login.  Oops hope that bees okies.  So here me goes again

Me Gragna do swear to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Now me feel better.

Gragna aka Grags

From Gaija on Feb 15, 2006

I have read, and I understand the Implaers Code of conduct.


From Hakaga on Feb 20, 2006

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.

-Hakaga Ghostwalker, Shaman of Mulgore.

From Jazinth on Feb 20, 2006



From Zavi  on Feb 28, 2006

Here's hoping I did it right this time! 

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct.

~ Zavi

From Morgar on Mar 8, 2006

Me is old and cranky and ya is gona live wit it just like me live wit dis her code ya have.

From Zorindani on Mar 14, 2006

Zorindani's mind was too busy to understand all the words that scrolled across the parchment. She wanted to get on with her training so she could revenge the damage done to her real family. Her friend Balnir, had encouraged this new relationship with The Impalers, saying it would be better than her last adopted family who just wanted to control her magic for their own nefarious purposes…

"wha' jyu tink matilda? kin ah be fallowin' dese heah ruahs?" she asked her pet froggy
"ya mons! dat wha' ah be tinkin' ahso"

without a moments hesitation more, Zorindani took out her skinning dagger and marking an "x" in her right palm, pressed her hand upon the parchment just below Granpa Morgar's signature

(a.k.a. Zorindani)

From Dezbah on Mar 15, 2006

*scratches her head* hmmm... did I sign this already? I thought I did... but did I dream that? *ponders for a moment* well.. better to be safe than sorry!

*signs the parchment ... again*

I hearby acknowledge the Impalers Code of Conduct and agree to abide by the Impalers' honorable ways.


From Balnir on Mar 15, 2006

I agree to follow the code of conduct

From Ulgar on Mar 22, 2006

Ulgar looks at the parchment in front of him. He grins.
"It is amazing," he mutters to no one in particular, "that there are actual literate living organisms..."
Ulgar picks up the paper and holds it in such a way that it rests upon his two palms without any grip.
He blinks, and his name suddenly appears at the signature of the Code of Conduct.

From Cainis on Mar 30, 2006

Cainis carefully adjusts the sentry totem, the only thing that allows him to read, so that it can better see the writing. The blind orc smiles beneath his mask, then nods and signs in clear, strong letters "Cainis Wolfdirge".

From Seloonie on Apr 1, 2006

okiesss, I read it. I believe my underssstanding of it isss asss great asss any other'sss. ssso, Torant, you have been practically ssstalking me sssince I came out of my coma recently... now what?

From Klypsa on Apr 4, 2006

I tink dis soun' like a fine place ta be wid a fine set o' rules.  I be livin' by dose rules now.

-(signed) Klypsa

From Grimhorn on Apr 5, 2006

I, Grimhorn, understand the wise words of Torant, and The Impalers' ethics.  I sign this contract, but I do like to spit on occasion, just not on others.

    X   X
    X   X
X  X   X

*Signs with big Tauren hand print*

From Quezmond on Apr 16, 2006

I have read and understand the Impaler Code of Conduct and wish to join the ranks.

From Razgul on Apr 19, 2006


From Elexi on Apr 23, 2006

Elexi emerges from darkness.

"Shadowsss. follow…I. Will. Try."

The ink on the parchment begins to appear from nothing.


From Sanyth on May 5, 2006

Sanyth here!
     I have read, understood, and will fully abide by the code of conduct. I want to represent the Impalers in the best light possible.

From Muddah on May 6, 2006

Muddah reads the document carefully, then, using her extra special pen, signs her name, adds some hearts and flowers, and trots happily away.

From Zanndramas on May 12, 2006

*dips the end of an arrow in ink and scrawls her name on the parchment*

Ah agree ta dis

From Ashgrom on May 14, 2006

Add your own signature by replying to this post.

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I <3 TB

« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2006, 01:55:32 AM »

Ishone blushes and giggles nervously.  Ooh, this is serious business.   Ishone digs something to write with out of her pack, clamps her tongue between her teeth and concentrates on writting neatly...

"I have read and understand the Code of Conduct and will honor it always."

Ishone giggles again.  Oh good!  Now the fun begins!

I'm changing my naughty ways.  To naughtier ones.
Lochaber Axe

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« Reply #2 on: June 03, 2006, 10:10:26 PM »

I have read the code of conduct and will contact Adendra in-game soon to apply for the guild.


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« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2006, 03:17:51 AM »

I have read and understand the code of conduct.  Henceforth, I shall follow the Impalers code of conduct, so help my remaining bones,flesh, and mind.  /signed-Leptor    and I would like to thank all those that have befriended me in this land of Azeroth along with my old companion Darglesh
Stone Guard

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Estuans interius ira vehementi

« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2006, 05:33:12 PM »

As the memory of Ulgar Coldfire of the Impalers has dissipated, he will be with you no longer.
I do hereby take his place, and hope I will make seem as the void he left never was.

-Raglu Coldfire
Wielder of Insane Sanity


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« Reply #5 on: June 17, 2006, 12:27:49 AM »

I Aquan /sign and agree to the code of Conduct.
Friend of The Impalers

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« Reply #6 on: June 27, 2006, 11:16:05 AM »



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« Reply #7 on: June 27, 2006, 09:52:39 PM »

Danks fur da reinstatin' I'll be there with cujo waitin'

Survival Specialist
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« Reply #8 on: July 08, 2006, 01:51:55 AM »

-Signed fore Uthias by Dagbis (his sight ain't so great.)

PS don't tell him what I said about his sight.

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« Reply #9 on: July 26, 2006, 04:02:20 PM »

I, Merozielle Chant D'Lune, do hereby agree to abide by these rules and consider the Impalers my new family.

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« Reply #10 on: August 11, 2006, 05:50:19 PM »

Grin I Grillnak being of terrific body and soso mind do hearby agree to the C of C.
Moo. Are you happy now?

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« Reply #11 on: August 12, 2006, 02:47:35 PM »

I, Noctus Di'Argonne, do hereby agree to abide by these Rules of Conduct.

"Someone keeping information from me is the sixth most dangerous thing in the world."
-Alys Brangwin
Phantasy Star IV

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« Reply #12 on: August 20, 2006, 01:38:21 PM »

*Pulls out some demonic inks and signs with an elegent touch*

That which does not kill me, makes me stranger.

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« Reply #13 on: September 02, 2006, 01:46:26 PM »

*buys some blank parchment and engineer`s ink*
*creates a Goblin Rocket Fuel Recipe*
*puts it overprice in the Auction House*
*makes a mess with the ink but finally signs the Code of Conduct*
*the pet signs too*


*Goblin Rocket Fuel Recipe sells*
Lochaber Axe

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« Reply #14 on: September 03, 2006, 06:18:57 PM »

*Reads CoC and explains to pet*


I think this is how it works.

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